Natural Mineral Deodorant

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Get rid of all unpleasant odors with the Shave Essentials' Mineral Deodorant!

With a plethora of different deodorants on the market nowadays, it's hard to know which one to choose. Most of them have one thing in common: they use harmful chemicals. This is done for the simple reason that it's cheap and "smells good", though what people often don't tend to think about is the long-term damage it can cause to their health.

Shave Essentials' Natural Mineral Deodorant is a natural way to stop odor-causing bacteria for the whole day. It's made with just one ingredient (Potassium Alum) and will not clog your pores, get sticky, or ruin your clothing with residue. That also means that there is no aluminum, baking soda, or any other potentially harmful ingredients that can irritate your skin. In Ancient Asia, it's been used since the dawn of time, and now you too can benefit from this wondrous product.

Keep It Dry – Natural alum has the property that it can make blood vessels constrict and tighten pores. It effectively prevents you from profusely sweating all day, keeping you dry and preventing you from smelling terrible.

Prevent The Burn – Alum is known as a natural antiseptic, making it an exceptionally fantastic deodorant to use after shaving. It will kill surface bacteria, preventing any form of inflammation or infection.

Long-Term Usage - With regular use, you can expect your deodorant to last about a year, making it a purchase you'll be able to enjoy for an incredibly long time.